4 Lesser Known Super Scenic Road Trips


Nothing is as fun as a road trip. There are countless ways that you can relax and have fun, but nothing compares to taking a road trip. That’s why I encourage all of you to at least try once to go on a road trip and experience the benefits first hand. If you are a person that gets a thrill out of traveling, meeting new places, and living new experiences, going on road trips might be just the thing for you.

Of course if you are already considering in trying it out you need to think where are you going to. There are two main categories for a road trip. You should consider of the road you are taking, besides of the places you are visiting. There are roads where you can experience enthralling sceneries and beautiful landscapes. However, some of the ones with the prettier views are often longer roads or are more outside the regular path which means they are less traveled. On the positive side, you will not get stuck in a traffic jam, nor will you have to face urban pollution.

As these routes are less traveled there isn’t much urban development along these which allows you to experience the wild free nature in all its glory.

Following, here are some lesser known road trips that carry beautiful sceneries for you to get started in planning your road trip.

1) New Zealand’s South Island

New Zealand may not be much in area, but it sure packs a punch. There are a ton of different roads that you can take to in the vicinity to have an enjoyable experience.

It is the larger of the two islands of New Zealand and can provide a once in a lifetime experience if you spend enough time there to tour. There are ski resorts, as well as natural lakes and volcanoes that you can pay a visit to while driving this road.

2) Australia’s East Coast

Apart from the Kangaroos, there’s a lot of nature to gaze at in Australia. Among the various routes that you could go along for a road trip on, the East Coast is one of better ones. Red Sands, beautiful picturesque waterfalls, mountains and glaciers, this route has got it all.

3) Iceland

Iceland has super low temperatures but that only results in amazing scenic beauties that you can not view elsewhere. It’s got some amazing glaciers, hot springs and volcanoes. Moreover, it’s one of the most desolate and unhabituated places in the world, partly due to its extra rough terrain and weather. So, if you plan on going there, then prepare and plan accordingly.

4) Argentina

Argentina is another one of the countries which isn’t as popular as other tourist destinations but is home to several astounding sceneries. There are wide spans deserts, cactuses, lakes, mountains, as well as some great food along the road. It also has 20 national parks for you to visit and enjoy.

These are all road trips that might not be that well-known, but certainly possess enough charm for a traveler and adventurer to explore and travel to.