48 Hours in Salzburg: Things You Cannot Miss


Salzburg is one of those sophisticated cities that are entirely worthy of a visit. There’s a certain sense of elegance that very rarely can be found outside of it, so any visit will surely be a treat. It’s also a very well connected city, so getting to and from the Salzburg airport is something that’s quite fast and easy. Once in the city, there are numerous amazing places to see.


Altstadt means Old Town, and is one of Salzburg’s most fascinating quarters. It’s a central district and it’s filled numerous architectural and cultural wonders. Among the numerous markets, stalls, and promenades, here you can find Mozarts Geburtshaus, or the house where Mozart was born, and the famous Salzburg Museum. The museum is a place where you can get lost for hours, and it’s something to no skip out on even if you only have 48 hours.

Salzburg Cathedral

Also known as Dom zu Salzburg, this is a monument to the city’s influence and wealth. It’s not only a gorgeous building on its own, but it’s also one of great importance. It’s a very old cathedral, one that’s been rebuilt several times throughout the ages, and it’s very well-known for its attention to intricate details. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s also an iconic place due to Mozart being baptized there.

Mirabell Gardens

This little slice of heaven is found on the eastern side of the Salzach River. It’s one of the most beautiful places in the city, and is definitely worth to spend a few hours here simply admiring the beauty. It’s filled with winding paths, sculptures, and the very famous Mirabell Palace. The best time to visit these wonderful gardens would be in the summer, as that’s when the flowers are in full bloom, and their beauty is most notable then.

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Salzburg is steeped in history, and the Hohensalzburg Fortress is one of its most important historic landmarks. It’s a fortress that has never been conquered, and many of Salzburg rulers proudly ruled over the lands, both in peace and in war. The entire fortress is an actually an entire complex, and what’s notable is that even as a fortified position, almost all of the rooms are intricately decorated. There’s a certain elegance to be found, and a few museum, and the fortress is definitely an amazing place to visit in Salzburg.

Hellbrunn Palace

This wonderful 17th century palace complex is one of Salzburg’s most famous landmarks. It was previously the home to many of its religious and political rulers, and behind its rather mundane façade lie some of the most beautifully decorated and furnished rooms in the entire greater region. The gardens are the star of the show, though, with an intricate beauty that can barely be matched by anything else around Salzburg.

To say that Salzburg is a fascinating city would be a massive understatement. It’s an important historic city, and one filled with enormous beauty, so visiting it as soon as possible is practically a must. It’s entirely worth it.