A Traveler’s Guide to the Best Cannabis in the World


If travelling is your passion and you also have a thing for high-quality cannabis, your next travel destination might depend on where in the world you can find the best marijuana. This is only true for avid cannabis lovers who wish to accompany their new cultural experiences, yummy international food, and picturesque natural wonders with some of the best cannabis they can find. Here are the greatest destinations around the globe that not only have amazing attractions but also the best weed money can buy.


If you don’t mind some cold weather, book your flight to Canada if you want to smoke a joint or two while you travel. Now that the government has legalized recreational marijuana residents can even grow four of their own plants, so just about everyone takes part in the growing process. Canadians have even been able to produce their own medical plants with an ACMPR license for almost 20 years now, so these citizens aren’t shy when it comes to weed use. The most cannabis is produced in British Columbia and you’ll find a wide variety of strains throughout all of Canada.


Most people assume the South American country of Colombia only draws cocaine-using tourists, but the weed here is actually just as good as the cocaine. The strain to look out for here is called Colombian Gold which is in the dense Colombian marijuana fields and produces an energetic happy high. The quality of this strain is by far the best in its home country, so don’t expect to find the same quality anywhere else in the world.


Jamaica has some of the most natural weed in the world – they often don’t use nasty chemicals and pesticides and stray away from using advanced technologies that are common in other countries. Because of this, you might not find the strongest weed but it has a nice earthy flavor that will leave you feeling like you don’t have a care in the world. Quality weed is obviously not the only reason to travel to this tropical paradise; the beaches are beautiful and the people are some of the nicest in the world.

United States

The United States is home to some really terrible weed, but also some of the best! There is so much mass production here that some crops aren’t worth buying, but that doesn’t mean it is all garbage. So many American growers experiment with new methods, strains, and growing techniques to see if they can produce the best of the best, and often it works. Now that eleven states within the country have legalized recreational marijuana it is a great place to visit to try cannabis from around the nation.


Amsterdam in the Netherlands has been known for decades as the spot to go to for backpackers and tourists if you want to enjoy some nice cannabis while you explore the city streets. Not only is the city stunning with a network of canals winding through all of Amsterdam, it is a cultural mecca with some unique hybrids known for being uplifting, mellow and relaxing.