The Art of the Side Hustle: Turn Your Interests into Income

Side Hustle Income
It is not that easy to love what you do and do what you love.

Making money out of your interest is a form of art, because people often end up doing what they love at the expense of working for what they hate.

To turn your interest into income, there are five practical ways of doing so.

1) Be a private tutor

Tutoring is more than your educational background. There are people who are well-educated but bad at teaching other people. If your passion is to teach children, you can consider posting online advertisements in your community and offer people your teaching skills.

Private tutoring does not have to be homework-oriented. You can cover different areas from teaching all subjects to language-specific subjects. It depends how you negotiate with the parents who pay for your work to teach their children.

It is less stressful to teach children privately than tutoring in schools. You can definitely enjoy the process of teaching if this is what you want to strike a balance between working and doing what you love.

2) Write a blog

Blogging can be a source of your income if you know how to drive traffic from your personal social media account to your blog. Ranging from advertisement App Google AdSense to, there are different options for you to publish your blogs and earn money through advertisements and click rates.

Not only does blogging help you earn money, but it also boosts your popularity which leads you to more job opportunities such as being recruited as an online influencer to help branding.

3) Publish a book

If you have enough materials from your blogs, you can also consider writing a book for making more profits. Nowadays it is no longer a dream to be an author due to the rise of social media–everyone can be a writer.

While there is a great cost for publishing a book, you will make a fortune out of it if you already have a fan base from your blogs and other sponsors.

4) Create an online course

Other than being a private tutor, you can teach everyone online if you are not good at face-to-face communication. It takes some time to think about the content of the online course at first, but once you have a thorough plan on how to do it, you will generate revenue through online traffic and click rates. It applies the same logic of blogging.

5) Make an audiobook

It is a popular trend for people to upload audiobooks on video-sharing sites instead of taking a video. The attractiveness of an audiobook is that people can drive, work, or study while listening to it. This is therefore another way to draw more traffic if you want to monetarise your clips through click rates.

Earning money through doing what you love can be exciting. All you need is a little bit of imagination to do what you love and make it your new reality.